Stealth Hoodie - Black edition


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It's 2020 and finally acceptable to wear a face mask in public without causing panic looking like you're about to hold up the local service station.

Now the mornings are getting cold and you're looking at last years hoodie thinking it needs a refresh, so here it is just in time. The new Stealth Hoodie with a fresh black on black chest and full length sleeve print it also has a built in half face mask that sits smugly around your face and when not in use sits in a pocket neatly inside the hood lining.

Even when Corona time is over and things return to normal the mask has many uses from stopping the chill on a cold winter morning to protecting yourself from getting sunburnt while out fishing. Whatever activity you're into this winter having the mask handy is one less thing you need to think about.

-Thick 359 gsm 80% cotton, 20% poly to keep you warm

-Polyester half mask is breathable and warm

-Mask sits neatly inside a custom made pocket in the hood lining

-Black on black screen print - Chest & Sleeve

-Regular fit