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Artist Series Tee's 

Featured Graffiti Artist - PARIS 

For the newest addition to our Artist Series of Tee's we were worked with PARIS from Melbourne who we interviewed earlier this year. For this tee we picked out a couple of our favourite PARIS pieces and asked him to work it into our BSP design.

PARIS BSP ARTIST SERIES GRAFFITI TEESArtist series graffiti tshirt Paris was 11 years old when he started writing in 1984 sneaking out of his house to paint dodging his parents and the authorities. Since those days he has been hooked, his pieces are packed with old school flavour and style that only comes with years of dedication. 

I was amazed by it all and had to find out how it was getting done and by who? It was '84 and their weren't many writers around, it was mainly breakers so to track down who was doing it wasn’t easy but persistence pays. I started hanging out in the city on weekends where everyone gathered to watch the breakers. It’s there where i met Melbourne's first writers. - PARIS

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