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  • Five For Five

    Five For Five

    Five For Five

    a series of interviews with graffiti writers

    Australia is a huge country and has a big graffiti scene, Unlike Europe our states are so far apart you can drive for 10 hours and still be in NSW.

    With such a big divide every city within Australia has a completely different scene and feel to it.

    In Melbourne for example there's no doubt graffiti is more accepted and tourists flock to Hosier Lane to watch artists in action and take in the heavily painted lane ways around the city.

    BSP graffiti blog hosier lane
    Hosier lane, Melbourne


    However if you catch the train in any city around Australia you will see endless buffed walls and as quickly as pieces appear they will be gone again, Sometimes within 24 hours.

    BSP graffiti blog
    A piece is cleaned off a Sydney train

    The whole idea behind Five For Five is to reach out to dedicated writers and artists and ask them about their story. What motivates them, their close calls and brushes with the law. Five questions in return for five of their favourite flicks.

    bsp five for five

    By doing this we hope to educate people on the sub culture and learn about the different scenes in this country and the history behind the buffed walls and trains.

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