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  • Five For Five - FAULT

    Five For Five - FAULT

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - FAULT

    FAULT is a graffiti writer from Sydney. He is an all rounder painting walls, trains and bombing insides. He's been writing a long time but doesn't stick to one name and goes by many aliases. We caught up to find out a bit more about him and asked for his favourite five flicks.

    1. What got you into graffiti?

    I didnt like much as a young fella but one thing I did find fun aside from skating or racking was destroying things, as soon as I had figured out the meaning behind graffiti and what it stood for we went hand in hand and we never looked back.


    2. What do you think of the current graffiti scene in Sydney?

    A real hard question, I think doing the same things over and over are the characteristics of a mental person. I think going to the same spot because you saw somebodys graffiti there is bait. I think a lot of the scene are exactly what the word states... "scene" and if youve heard of the term "scene queen" then thats the type im speaking about. Although some refer to theselves as "kings" which is rather ironic.

    As with any culture there are a lot of people who half ass things in the hopes of reaching some type of precedent which in their mind means reaching the same status as the actual players but what they dont realise is that this is not for everyone.

    I did over 600 walls before even thinking further ahead and the rolling stock still turned our crap in my eyes (still does) so for everyone thats picked up a can and is thinking about doing a train without practicing then please just dont for everyones sake.

    The same type of scenario should go for anybody trying to have a real go at graffiti otherwise you just end up a laughing stock and forever trying to compete.

    Aside from all that... What do i think of the CURRENT graffiti scene in Sydney? Not much.


    3. Do you have a good chase story?

    This is in a time of when the bluest of dogs still roamed the network in packs, we wanted to try a certain place that we knew was shit anyway just for fun (bait but our laziness to travel further than 5 mins was inspired by at least 250 cones that day following into the night), we looked at it for 10 mins and as expected its crap.. so we start anyway.. about 3-4 mins in fills are up and security is already screaming towards us so we snapped out of our hazey state and ran off.

    Fast forward a couple hours later and probably another average of 100 cones between us, I had a empty feeling as i kind of liked the look of how they were turning out so I thought out loud and said "fuck i want to finish it".. with no objections we suddenly found ourselves watching the same security that chased us off a couple hours later.

    We got to it again and went to work this time getting a little longer than anticipated so naturally we overstay our welcome, security noticed us and came running and screaming again so after another 30 seconds I convinced everybody we should go.

    Upon exiting, the location of the car was a substantial distance away so somebody suggested you guys hide in the bush and ill go grab the car... made sense.. so we waited. He finally arrived infront of the bush and we dove out bags in hand and opened the door.

    One thing I had totally missed and so did everybody else (we blame cones) was the 4X4 with 5 Transit officers in it sitting behind the car we were getting in, we all got in the car and the 4X4 started trying to block us in I said its now or never we either punch it or were done. 

    What came next was to my immediate surprise as I hear the driver take a deep breath and it was pedal to the metal.. the transits acted quick and before you knew it we were in a high speed pursuit (stupid for graffiti I know) we were doing upwards of 140km/h in streets that you should not even think of going over 60km/h, I praise the driver because before the situation had properly set in we lost them and quickly ditched the bags then sped off again.

    We parked the car again a fair distance away and got out on foot, to our surprise as soon as we got to the top of the street there they were. 5 Transits in the 4X4 sitting at the red light across the road staring at us... it was either act chill or run for your life. We acted chill and they crept past staring us down I gave them a small smirk and got one back which can only mean one thing. They know we won that round but the war was far from over.. 2 months later they were made redundant.. I think it was safe to say at that stage the war was over. Lol


    4. What do you think you'd be doing if you never got into graffiti?

    I love when people say that graffiti is a gateway crime because it proves their close mindedness and stupidity, Graffiti took me away and kept me occupied from engaging in a lot of crime which was all of a violent nature. So next time you have the arrogance to associate graffiti with more serious crimes you need to remember.. If it wasn't for graffiti I could've been going through your house while you slept as well but instead i've established a good understanding of right and wrong, a lot of life lessons which you can implement into a lot of scenarios if you know how, all of that due to graffiti.


    5. What motivates you to keep painting?

    Everything. I could see a random colour on a sign and want to see it as my fills, I could see a train roll past and instantly I want to see my name on that certain type of train. I could look at a weird building and it gives me an idea for a letter.. I guess the thing that motivates me the most is the idea that everything I do graffiti wise is on me, so my motivation is forever trying to better my style and letters. Once that stops you've peaked and theres only one way you'll go.




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