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  • Five For Five - FUSID

    Five For Five - FUSID

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - FUSID

    FUSID is a graffiti writer from Sydney who now lives on the other side of the world in Poland. He started painting around 2006 in the Eastern Suburbs. His style is fat and public and he's been travelling and smashing out panels like there's no tomorrow. We caught up to find out a bit more about him and asked for his favourite five flicks.

    1. How and where did you get into graffiti?

    In my younger days growing up in the Eastern suburbs side of Sydney. My first sketches were done in High school and not long after that, it was around 2006/07, I started putting my work up on the walls.

    My go-to spot at that time was the Sydney "War Tunnels".  I remember seeing burners in there from guys like Keans, Avoids, Metafor, Woes and Aint that blew my mind away. Moving to the South West of Sydney in 2009 opened up a whole new meaning of graffiti to me. I was catching more trains and seeing more panels rolling, back then I made some friends that I’m still close with today. They took me for my first termos and yard missions.

    fusid sydney graffiti interview

    2. How would you describe your style and who were your influences?

    I’m a big fan of funky public styles, especially on Steel! I’d have to describe my style as simple, public and maybe a little funky at times haha. I like my panels to be readable when passing by. I have to say, that for me in particular the Old School German (Berlin & Dortmund) scenes has been a big influece on my style, especially in the last couple of years.

    fusid sydney graffiti interview

    3. You've done a bit of travelling and painting around Europe and America, could you tell us about a cool mission from abroad?

    It’s always good to travel abroad and there’s nothing better than ticking off a new model in a new city haha.. I’ve had some cool underground and Hangar missions along the way, but I have to say I love coming back to Vienna the most.. My last trip I ended up 10 deep in a hanger drinking beers doing bags and rocking a Whole-train on the U-bahn. Shout out to the guys from Vienna...

    fusid sydney graffiti interview

    4. What is it like living & painting in Warsaw? Do the authorities treat graffiti as a serious crime like they do in Australia?

    I think it’s generally a dangerous sport wherever you are in the world, even when you are in a country considered to be 'easy' or City that is 'hard' you’re always taking a risk. There’s always a chance for the Task force, Police or security ruining your activities.

    I guess what I like about Poland is that you don't have to worry about anyone building up a case against your name for painting trains, there're no Investigations and no house raids. Here, you only worry more about running into security at the spot and often there's no problem if you plan it smart.

    fusid sydney graffiti interview

    5. What motivates you to keep painting?

    I have to say at this moment there’s a lot that motivates me to keep painting. All the way from my wife to the dudes I paint with on the regular. I love painting trains and travelling to spots. It’s a lifestyle a lot of us are trapped in. Also, I think it’s some kind of an inside rivalry that’s in every writers head to do a better panel than the last, to take a better photo than the last. Not that it always works out in our favour.
    Lastly i want to give a shout out to the HATEDCREW for the good times shared together and also all the other good people I’ve met and painted with along the way. 

    fusid sydney graffiti interview

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