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  • Five For Five - PURES

    Five For Five - PURES

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - PURES

    PURES is a graffiti writer from Perth. He first got into graffiti in the early 2000's and is a member of HD CREW. He produces some super fresh stuff painting nice freights and loads of quality panels when out travelling the world. His style is quite versatile adapting to the situation of where and what he is painting. We caught up to find out a bit more about him and asked for his favourite five flicks.


    1. How & where did you get into graffiti?

    I was always someone that enjoyed scribbling on paper as far back as i can remember, early on in the high school days i seen one of the boys sketching in class, he clocked on i was watching and hid it at first but then we got talking, he had already painted a few pieces so he showed me some photos and yeah the rest was history really... I got into graffiti early 2000's in Perth, but i was far from consistent or active but the City has always had an active scene!

    pures bsp clothing graffiti interview

    2. How would you describe your style & who are your influences?

    my style i guess is euro? old euro? god knows.. i guess what i paint depend on what surface and time constraints or how visible it is, some times i just keep it simple and legible and other times try get into it a bit more. And for those reasons i think my influences come from many writers for many different reasons.
     pures bsp clothing graffiti interview

    3. Do you have a good chase story?

    some of the worst chases have come from the stupidest things like a motor way spot that's always thrashed but happened to be set up that night or like the sprinter photo, where we may have overstayed our time haha. Upon leaving some police showed up, at the same time a freight passed so we were temporarily hidden but they knew we were near. Once the freight had passed we looked down as we were on elevated ground and there was a lot more police waiting... yep spotted!!

    A bit of shouting and we hit the legs down the tracks looking for every opportunity to get down. Cops were parked up waiting and with morning services starting to run and the sun starting to rise it was a bit off shadow play and consistently pushing forward but we got there eventually! It definitely made the beers and the joints taste all that bit sweeter! 

    pures bsp clothing graffiti interview

    4. Looks like you have done a bit of travelling, what is your favourite city to visit and paint? 

    Yeah I've been lucky enough to make a few adventures, to pick just one city is hard, i have made some good friends on my journey's which i'd like to visit again, but also to seek out that new city is pretty appealing as well.

    pures bsp clothing graffiti interview

    5. What motivates you to keep painting?

     what motivates me is the same as anyone that's painted long enough, you go a bit in and out at times but friends, crew, the missions, progression, photos, seeing shit get done, what i haven't painted haha meeting like minded people and making good times.

    pures bsp clothing graffiti interview

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