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  • Five For Five - SAILOR

    Five For Five - SAILOR

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - SAILOR

    SAILER is a graffiti writer from Melbourne. He gets busy travelling and painting in many countries all over the world. His style is public, funky and usually on a train. We caught up with him for a quick chat and asked for his favorite five flicks.


    1. What got you into graffiti?

    When I was younger I moved this random share house, a few weeks later another dude moved in who happened to be a writer, I didn't know shit about graffiti then but I liked the idea of it and I caught the bug pretty quick, any and all other hobbies or interests I had went out the window.


    BSP Clothing Australian Graffiti
    My first ever one man whole car. Melbourne 2013.


    2. How would you describe your style? 

    My shit is the pretty much the same every time, I like big bold and simple graff so thats what I do, fuck fancy shit and fuck graff that you can't read, stock caps and bright white highlights. 


    BSP Clothing Australian Graffiti
    A good time Milano redline with my MW brothers from our favourite spot 2016!


    3. Do you have a good chase story? 

    This was probably my most recent chase or whatever, I was on a mission with another friend to paint whole cars we must have gotten spotted going in to the spot or something because when we got to where we wanted to paint security showed up we had to lay on the tracks squeezed up against the platform with him standing about a metre away and just above us, he moved to another platform and then we had kind of manoeuvre around this guy.

    We fucked around playing cat and mouse lugging our tool bags filled with paint for about half an hour when he finally spotted us and we had to split, on the way out we got a call from a friend checking for us outside saying there were cops everywhere and he had been pulled up and told not to move and told that the cops were bringing dogs in, we moved a bit faster and when we were about 100 metres from the car cops pulled up basically between us and where we needed to be we froze for a minute waiting for them to hit the lights and jump out of the car when all of a sudden these dogs reversed up a one way street and pulled up the same guy who was checking (again) while we ran across the road right behind the police car, threw our paint in a bush, dove into our car and drove away. I guess thats not really a chase but whatever.


    BSP Clothing Australian Graffiti
    Fuckin' Mayf with my boy Howie in 2016. 


    4. Looks like you have done a lot of travelling, what are your favourite places and why? 

    Milano/Italy because of my crew there MW, Tokyo because even though I sort of hate it there is no place quite like it and New York City. 


    BSP Clothing Australian Graffiti
    First ever panel in NYC 2015. 


    5. What motivates you to keep painting?

    Wondering and guessing how many panels people like Banos have done and how long it will take me to do that or feel like I have come close to it and all the haters and people talking shit ha ha haha ha ha hahahahahahahah yo to THE GOOD FELLAS and METRO WARRIORS + SGK, FKB, NWO, B-STARS. Fuck the cops


    BSP Clothing Australian Graffiti
    This is some shitty iPhone 3 photo because our camera died but this was from probably my most memorable and fun tour at home up and down the east coast for 2 months non stop with two of my best mates AND I was happy with my panel for once, Brisbane 2014.



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