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  • Five For Five - SECRET

    Five For Five - SECRET

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - SECRET

    SECRET also known by the name DUCK is a graffiti writer originally from Sydney but now living in Byron Bay. He started painting in the mid 90's and is a member of KOS CREW. His style is super fresh and he is constantly evolving and improving. We caught up to find out a bit more about him and asked for his favourite five flicks.


    1. What got u into graffiti?

    The culture, seeing tags and pieces on my way to school and I was attracted to the styles. I was fortunate to have some of Sydneys best writers grow up in the areas I lived in and I was heavily influenced by it.


    Australian Graffiti Interview SECRET


    2. How would you describe your style?

    My style I'd like to say it's public but it has evolved over the years with A lot more colours and connections. I also enjoy mixing the letters to make it part of the peice.


    Australian Graffiti Interview SECRET


    3. Do you have a good chase story?

    Bombing the back drivers compartment on a train between Redfern and Central when transit police tried to get inside the compartment we had to jump out of the train, across the tracks onto Regent St Then as we continue tagged on a shop front in Chippendale with DONE TSC only to have 5 cops run out and chase us down George St and get tripped by a guy waiting for the bus and I get arrested.


    Australian Graffiti Interview SECRET


    4. What is it like living and painting in Byron Bay?

    Byron has being a positive change from Sydney it's heaps more relaxed and there's a lot of interesting places to paint.


    Australian Graffiti Interview SECRET

    5. What motivates you to keep painting?

    Watching my style evolve and progress, also the culture with social media it's eye opening to see how the graffiti community has grown over the years. For me most importantly i find it therapeutic and I get to escape form the hustle and bustle of every day life..


    Australian Graffiti Interview SECRET




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