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  • Five For Five - YELOS

    Five For Five - YELOS

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - YELOS

    YELOS is a graffiti writer from the Central Coast in NSW. He started painting in 2001 taking influence and motivation from the local crews in his area. His style is public and cartoony and looks super fresh and clean on a panel. We caught up to find out a bit more about him and asked for his favourite five flicks.

    1. what got you into graffiti?

    As a young lad I was always drawing cartoons and comic style art I had noticed graffiti around the area I was living in at the time (Shalvey in western Sydney) one day I was walking home from footy training and seen 2 people painting in the canals, so I went home to change and go back to see the final product it reminded me of the lettering from cartoons and comics I wanted to do my own so I started sketching and tagging around the area but it wasn’t until I moved later that year to the central coast that I began taking it more seriously.

    Yelos bsp clothing five for five graffiti interview 

    2. What was it like growing up as a young writer on the central coast?

    It’s was great I was just starting high school and meeting some writers from the area we would see a lot of graffiti on the way to and from school by crews like KOC, AMFS, SCI & SOS which motivated us to get busy and we started GLR crew originally it was 5 of us LOGOH, KLATS, AWKA(rip), KALOS & myself but has expanded since it’s cool to still see it up on the lines these days.

    Yelos bsp clothing five for five graffiti interview

    3. How would you describe your style and who were your influences? 

    I’d say mostly public style inspired by comic book lettering and Sydney style graffiti from crews like TCB & TM.

    Yelos bsp clothing five for five graffiti interview

    4. Do you have a good chase story?

    Yeah most were uneventful luckily but one night KALOS, AWKA & myself had plans to hit the local yard we were hanging with a few boys a few beers and that killing time, eventually we headed off to the spot it looked sweet so we got to work we had 2 boys subbing and everything was going to plan we finished up I snapped a few flicks hit up a few tags.

    Next minute one of the subs spotted security creeping up so we headed for the hole to almost be cut off by another guard, we hit the street legging it up the road to see headlights ahead we ducked through front yards and ended up in the bush hiking up a fucking hill. We doubled back after about 30 mins one of the boys went for the car picked us up and got the fuck out there.

    Yelos bsp clothing five for five graffiti interview

    5. What motivates you to keep painting?

    These days I enjoy hanging with mates and meeting new writers having a few beers and painting a chill wall instead of the rush from painting trains but watching the scene progress and the writers adapt always makes me want to paint more haha.
    Shoutout to the young lads,



    yelos bsp graffiti interview




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