Five For Five - GLUES

Five For Five - GLUES

Five questions for five flicks 

Featured artist - GLUES

GLUES is a graffiti writer from Sydney. His style is public and readable with a good eye for picking fresh colour schemes. He has been doing some serious travelling lately and getting busy painting panels all over Europe. We caught up to find out a bit more about him and asked for his favourite five flicks.


1. What got you into graffiti?

Better question is who, a good mate of mine I grew up with who writes Tampa.
We started the same time and knew nothing about the game, after seeing what was produced under bridges in our local area and rolling ridges out west by such vandals as EATS formally known as “beatl” GISM formally know as “gambl” 
WONDA, STOPS, JOBS  anyone who represents the GRONX crew that you know today are the people that influenced my passion for vandalism. 



2. How would you describe your style?

Ahh I don’t know, I guess Sydney / Euro-Ish public style



3. What would you say is your best week of painting?

My mate “WEGAS” hit me up and asked if I’d like to do a trip to Vienna and make a short video. 
We arrived in Vienna and checked out a couple spots, attempted whole cars the first night and got spotted during outline and on the way out the security left his keys in the door. “Cheers mate” 
The week went on and we racked 350 cans in 3 days, racked meals fit for kings and a couple of gortex jackets to keep our wallets dry ;).
we pumped 5 whole cars, 5 faces and 5 full matching e2e productions. 
On the 7th day we put our footage together and produced “NO FACE, NO CASE”
This can be found on Vimeo under “FAST DRIPS ON TOUR”



4. Looks like you have done a lot of travelling, can you tell us about a crazy mission abroad?

I've visited most countries in Europe and met some of the most dedicated writers of our decade. 
The Spanish will forever be held as the most insane writers, ruthless mother fuckers. 
The most craziest mission would and will forever be was an event held in Athens called “METRO JAM”
56 writers from all of the world, Germans to Canadians, Americans to New Zealanders, Frenchy’s to Australians.
We came and we came in force, we were an army with aerosol weaponry. 
We charged threw tunnels like Vikings and entered yards with no fear. We owned those actions and there wasn’t enough police in Athens to approach us. 



5. What motivates you to keep painting?

I motivate me, fuck anyone who doesn’t like me and for those who dig me I have much respect to you. 
I represent my crews with pride and the boys in my gang do the same. 

The names GLUES and i stand tall for crews GRONX (GX) and the polish ALKO lads. 



FAST DRIPS - ON TOUR - Folge 02. - NO FACE NO CASE from Fast Drips on Vimeo.



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