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  • Five For Five - YOKE

    Five For Five - YOKE

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - YOKE

    YOKE is a graffiti writer from Sydney. He has been painting since the 90's and is an active member of SWB CREW, his pieces are full of banging colour schemes and fresh flowing letters. We caught up to find out a bit more about him and asked for his favourite five flicks.

    1. What got you into graffiti?

    I was always fascinated with tags and pieces on the lines. And around the streets. I was fortunate to live in the same street as Phib. When I was at school.  And being a skater / scribbler. Wasn't really serious about graffiti until I met the crew. Painting next to those guys back then was really humbling , and still is today. It really kicked off a life long passion for graffiti.  And art. Phibs and Dmote dedicated there life to a culture,  and it changed my perspective of graffiti artists , as people. Always have fond memories of painting shite pieces with racked ' push forward' auto paint. Wondering why my metallic brown outline wasn't working. Painting at the ole 'gasworks' in wavo.  Those guys were and still are way ahead in the game. 


    2000 Newtown 1st coat of Fiji markets


    2. How would you describe your style?

    My style.  Well I guess it's not a simple answer.  Early days I just tryed my best to get up!. Style didn't really matter. Just volume.  More more more. Then I kinda got stuck. On an outline that slowly got tweaked . Subtle changes , however the same ole same ole. Repeated.  This frustrated me alot. So now. Of late I really try to paint completely different style every time I paint. It comes with its own frustrations , yet also very freeing. If i can take one little positive thing from something I paint . An effect. Technique,  letter structure,  etc. Im happy. Because gradually,  all those little bits are incorporated,  it doesn't end.. 


    2003 Central trackside


    3. Do you have a good chase story?

    Haha. Chase.. so fkn many.. Lucky I'm a bit of a quick dude. And love jogging away from fat retard transits.. hahahaha. One that sticks in my mind. Painting lines with Phib and Sae. Walking there I slipped on the rail and rolled my ankle.  Got a bad feeling strait away. But carried on. Mid piece. Under a bridge. The spot lights went boom! Both sides of the bridge. And off we went. Legging it into darkness on full stick!. My foot was cactus. But pushed on. There was an ' on ramp' service thing for cars around the bend. And a cop.. ' constable ' Blood' (true story) dove off the top and tackled my skinny limping arse into the train rocks. Fk that hurt. In the paddy wagon. I remembered I had weed on me and tried to stash it. No good  so I ate it and just smiled at those fuckers during the Interview. (NO COMMENT )  Picking weed outa my teeth. A.C.A.B! 


    2017 Abandoned spot 


    4. What was the Sydney scene like in the 90's when you were painting a lot? 

    90's yeah the graff scene was different.  No social media. All ur flicks were actual film. Developed. Etc. I mean I didn't take pics of everything.  Just the good shit. When u only got 24 pics in the film gotta make em count. I had shoe boxes . Full of sydney history.  All gone in the crazy life of yokeydoke.  Back in those days . Meeting writers on the city circle.  Doing the rounds. Good times. Mixing our own ink. Shits changed but, C'est la vie. I kinda went beserk in the 90s. SBC.. STRYKE. and rest in peace CHEEKY AND BASIN. I guess not every one makes it aye. I will never forget those dudes. 


    Wake Hurst parkway 2016


    5. What motivates you to keep painting?

    My motivation... Comes and goes. Is it compulsive?.  Probably.  Am I comfortably paranoid?  Definitely.  When you have been doing something for longer than you haven't.  I guess I no longer need motivation.  It's just how life is. I despise advertising.  Billboards n shit. I don't have a choice looking at them. So it's my freedom of choice to paint whatever and where ever I want. Seems fair. Graffiti currently is amazing.  Semore da mad one. Is very inspiring.  Mr plustic . Sofs.  All the incredible photo realism artists.  Too many to name. Such mad skills. I'll just keep doing my thing , and feel blessed to be part of such a diverse culture.  Peace. 


    Manly vale 2017


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