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Lockdown Sketch Comp

Lockdown Sketch Comp

Lockdown Sketch Comp 

Ok here we go again... Lockdown part 2 (and hopefully the last). If you're feeling angry, bored, frustrated, broke or all of the above then we are here to take your mind off it for a couple of hours each day. It's been a minute since we ran a sketch comp and we want to make this one a little different.

Instead of having 1st 2nd & 3rd we are going to have a winner every day for 7 days, and to make it even better you are going to vote for the best sketch of each day via a poll on our insta stories. 

Rules Of Entry - 

1 entry per day. Entries close at midnight of each day.

Post on your Instagram and use the hashtag #bspsketchcomp

If you have a private profile post on your page and DM us your sketch.

Paper & Digital (ipad Illustrator etc) are accepted

Prizes -

We will select prizes at random each day, It can range from a T-shirt to a Paint Bag or a face mask pack. 

Words -

Friday 23rd July - HOT SPOT

Saturday 24th July - DELTA

Sunday 25th July - ANTIVAX

Monday 26th July - ISOLATE

Tuesday 27th July - CLUSTER

Wednesday 28th July - INSIDE

Thursday 29th July - STRAIN

Friday 30th July - PFIZER

BSP Clothing graffiti sketch comp

*The winners must be located within Australia. You can enter every day but can't win twice.

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