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  • Five For Five - TAME

    Five For Five - TAME

    Five questions for five flicks 

    Featured artist - TAME

    TAME is a graffiti writer from Sydney's South West. He reps the infamous TCB & VSC Crews and was all about bombing trains and painting panels. He's now more focused on his music and helping to push the Australian scene by interviewing and showcasing upcoming artists. We caught up with him for a quick chat and asked for his favourite five flicks.

    YouTube - TameMosez
    Facebook - TGIFridays with Tame Mosez
    SoundCloud - Tgifridays With Tame Mosez


    1. What got you into graffiti?

    I would of been 14 when my mates and I got into graffiti, We had a substitute teacher that taught at our school In Holsworthy, shout out to KEYS TBM and at Lunchtimes, we would go to the art classrooms and watch Video tapes,
    The old VHS cassettes I remember watching was Writers bench which is a classic now, watching writers like Dream and Skae getting into yards made me want to do that. We also watched Cope2, Style wars, Beat Street all of these were the starting point for me, I wanted to put my name up all city so that's what I did. Back then my style was wack but who's wasn't when we first pick up a can.

    I remember seeing panels running on Easthills line/Greenline all the time I remember seeing Zombe, Scum, Skoda, Kons, Komps, Skew, Rkoe, Sifen, Deus, Kif, and Dream panels as a young teen and being in awe of them, Seeing what they did on the side of a train is what got me into graffiti.
    As the years went on I ended up painting with most of the writers that made me want to do what they were doing, the universe works in mysterious ways that's for sure,
    My favourite spot to do insides and jumpdowns and where you could find me most of the day was the TRIANGLE, others did city circle we did the TRIANGLE, I bombed every front runner there.

    I remember being with Chubs and pulling into Central and both of us seeing every train at the station had TAME front runners front middle and back I was like Dam I never expected that I'll be honest my head grew a few inches! hahaha 
    Graffiti to me is a bad habit that I can't kick even today I'm still dropping tags in dust or doing a sly scratchy.


    BSP Clothing graffiti interview
    VSC Sydney


    2. How would you describe your style?

    Let's see, how would I describe my style, My style is straight up Sydney. 
    I used a public style then I put kicks and doo dads with my letterforms going from fat to skinny.
    If you threw Skews, Rkoes and Kons stlye and mixed it together you'd get my style I was heavily influenced by my mates and painting with them all the time helped me master my style.

    BSP Clothing graffiti interview
    TAME Action Shot


    3. Do you have a good chase story?

     Doesn't everybody ha, we had so many but this one time, we went for a paint, there were maybe 9-10 of us painting and 1 person subbing it out, We all had our fills up and were about 15minutes into it because we thought it was so chill I was standing back thinking what else I should do to it and looking down the train and then the roller door starts to open in the shed and we all booted it to the exit, when we reached the door there was a confusion on what way it opened half of us we're shutting the door and the other half we're pulling it open,

    We all get out and start running to the direction of the cars and as we are running one of the boys drops his car keys! he turns around to see where they dropped and it's pitch black and the security is running towards him, he's trying to find his keys as quick as he can but it was too dark, the security's torches are waving left to right when one of the shine there torch right on his keys! he runs over and picks them up when they were about 4 meters away from him he sprints off and we jump through the swinger and get into our cars and back to the South West we went.


    BSP Clothing graffiti interview


    4. Has graffiti opened any other doors for you?

    Graffiti has given me friendships that remain still to this day, a lot of connections and networks in the hiphop community. Graffiti in sydney was a culture and some parts of the scene was savage, if you went somewhere without permission you knew about it. I was a train painter, it was exciting walking away from a whole car, top to bottom or a end to end.If I didn't run out of get out of jail free cards i would probably still have a can in my hand so running out of life lines and a chance of being deported, I turned to music and in sydney these 2 go together like spray paint and a train and I'm also making shirts but isn't everyone ha,  My stage name is Tame Mosez like my tag I wrote, Tame is on my birth certificate not many people if any new I was actually writing my name ha.

    I released an EP called "HOME IS WHERE YOU MAKE IIIT" it's about what I went through in Sydney and how this is my home. I was born in New Zealand and raised in Sydney.
    You can get it on ITunes , Google Play or Spotify. 
    I also having a couple of albums dropping called "Back 2 Dar Fewcha, Welcome to Sydney, We back in the 90s"
    We have a joint off there for you graff heads called"Liverpool via Ashfield" it's about sydney's graffiti culture.
    Catch me on a platform I created called "TGIFridays with Tame Mosez" every second Friday.


    BSP Clothing graffiti interview
    VSC Sydney


    5. What motivates you to keep painting? 

    I'll be honest you probably haven't seen a Tame or Kumon piece in a few years but it's something that will never leave me it's apart of who I am today, if you want to know what I was like watch Transit TV Volume 1 Sydney section. 

    I'll still do a dusty or scratchy here or there but shout out to the boys still going hard UDC TK 53G LGC I've moved on to new things like putting my name up on bill boards and everybody's clothing, hit me up if you want Tame mosez Tees, we also have a shirt in the works for you sydney graff heads, everyone's going to be buzzing about it. I haven't seen one like it yet. 
    Also shout out to Scum, Eves, my Brother and those who took a photo of their artworks shout out to you's too. 
    My whole graffiti career 10 plus years I never took a photo, CRAZY! but that was just me I guess ha, I struggled to get these ones but I hope you enjoy them.


    BSP Clothing graffiti interview
    VSC Sydney


    Thank you TAME for taking the time to talk to us and sharing your flicks.


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